Quality Assurance (R&D)

The complete process control is endorsed by the ISO 9001 standard-compliant seal and ensures finished product traceability by means of a routing card.


Reception of raw materials

Raw plant materials of the highest quality (dry extracts, concentrates and powdered fruit and medicinal plants etc.) guaranteed by officially approved certificates. The extracts are evaluated in terms of essential parameters, such as pH level, solubility, organoleptic characteristics (colour, texture, smell), preservation (identification of fungi and insects) and purity (contamination with other plants or with parts of the plant that are not used to make the extracts).

control de calidad


Most of our products are foodstuff complements and are made according to quality assurance processes integrated in the manufacturing chain itself.

Our formulas are made with purified water and the general CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) system used in manufacturing, together with the high-tech CIP/SIP (Sterilisation-In-Place) system for cleaning and disinfection incorporated in the packaging machines, means that they carry the highest guarantee from the very start.


Finished product

Before they are marketed, the finished products are analysed using microbiological, biochemical and sensorial tests to determine their expiry date and suitability.

control de calidad


Our goal is to continuously improve by researching and developing new natural compositions based on raw plant materials with functional and effective biological and biochemical properties, together with unique flavours and aromas that give the formulas their own identity.